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I believe there is the seed of something extraordinary in every person.

I believe there is the seed of something extraordinary in every person. Most people won’t nurture that seed, but those few who do will change the world.

That simple but powerful idea is at the heart of everything I do, whether it’s coaching extraordinary leaders, building team power, or speaking in front of entrepreneurs and business leaders. Those who cultivate their seed of something extraordinary will change the world.


In my coaching, I work with a limited number of extraordinary leaders who are changing the status quo. That work is grounded in the principles of courage, insight, and tenacity. These are leaders who could succeed at anything yet choose the more transformative journey of remaking the world around them.

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My work with teams is built upon this observation: teams give away their power most of the time. I help you take it back. Even a team of extraordinary leaders can find itself missing the mark and underperforming. I bring a blend of simplicity, focus, and action to making your team powerful.

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Attendees at conferences, business meetings, and retreats have heard plenty of speakers talk about changing the rules. I tell them how. My talks about the heretic’s journey and the soft spots in the status quo are clear-eyed about the challenges of creating lasting change, yet optimistic about the experience of courage, insight, and tenacity. This is change for the real world.

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