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Jul 15

There’s a movement happening around you.

It's time to get on board.

There is a movement happening all around you.

You might not be aware of it. You probably aren’t an active participant. You might not even want what that movement brings.

Chances are, though, you are enjoying the movement just fine, and you’re right in the middle of it.

Once upon a time, the status quo was fixed. It didn’t change, and nobody questioned it. That’s how it got to be the status quo.

Over time, a few remarkable people started asking why the status quo was the way it was. They asked whether it had to be that way. They asked if that was the best we could do.

Then they tried to change it.

They didn’t have much success at first. They heard a lot of “you can’t do that.” They heard a lot of “just accept things for what they are”. They heard a ton of “it is what it is”.

Those remarkable people kept at it anyway, and tiny bits of the status quo began to change.

Then those tiny bits got larger.

It wasn’t the changing that made the difference–it was the trying. For everyone who made some sort of profound change, there were many who tried something new and fell short. Failure was pretty common when the status quo was a monolith of stasis. Yet, even when those efforts failed, there was a success.

The trying built community.

Those who saw the possibilities felt something inside themselves stir. They considered–just for a moment–that something more was possible. They caught a glimpse of a more awesome future, even if only in their own imaginations.

They wondered what they might be able to do.

The more people wondered, the more they tried. The more they tried, the more they had a lot of failure and the occasional success. The more that happened, the more they inspired others. Those others tried things big and small to see how they might change the world.

More and more of those efforts are succeeding.

We live in an extraordinary time. Our assumptions about what we can do and what we have to accept are shifting more quickly than at any point in human history. More people are challenging the status quo and fewer people are accepting it than at any time in our existence as a species.

We are all part of a movement.

This movement comes from many places, and the cliched answer is always to point to the internet. Its true that the internet has given us great tools for finding information, automating tasks, and connecting with each other, but think about this: has the internet implanted any native thought or desire in our hearts and minds that wasn’t already there?

This movement is as much about community and personal development as it is about the technical tools we use to promote those things. Once the internet enabled us to connect and to grow, we couldn’t accept anything else. We met each other, and we met our better selves.

This movement began with a few truly weird acolytes, and as it gained momentum, it made stars of its leaders. It gave rise to Jonathan Fields, who is building the template for revolution. It birthed Seth Godin, perhaps the most famous marketer since David Ogilvy. It launched Maria Popova, polymath extraordinaire. It elevated Chris Brogan, patron saint of bloggers and misfits.

More important, that movement served up a community to those stars.

The movement isn’t about individuals, and it isn’t entirely about community. It is about the extraordinary misfits who attempt to change the status quo, and it is about the communities that form around them. Both are vital.

This isn’t a revolution; those are usually coordinated. It isn’t evolution either; that tends to be more haphazard. This is the culmination of many uncoordinated but intentional efforts to make the world better. It has both design and serendipity.

It is an emergence.

Emergence is driven by extraordinary people who are finding the weak spots in the wall of the status quo.

The emergence is happening, and I have an agenda: I want to make it happen faster.

Get in the drivers seat.

Whether it's coaching extraordinary leaders, building team power, or speaking in front of entrepreneurs and business leaders, those who cultivate their seed of something extraordinary will change the world. Are you ready to take the wheel?


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