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With the Bark Off Archive

Jul 09

How teams are different.

...and why that difference matters.

Confession: I don’t think corporations are people, but I also don’t think that’s quite as simple a question as people think. In my work with high-performing teams (and those who hope to get there), I know that the team has a personality that is different and distinct from any of the individuals in the team. […]


Jul 08

Why individual coaching efforts fail.

(Hint: it's not about the individual.)

Old joke: man sees a kid searching for something under a streetlamp. Man asks kid what he’s looking for. Kid replies that he dropped a quarter. Man starts helping him look for it. After a few minutes, man asks kid where he was standing when he dropped the quarter. Kid points to a dark spot […]


Jul 07

Teams are different.

Why individual development won't translate to team effectiveness.

Tom Peters retweeted me today: Tom Peters ‏@tom_peters  4h4 hours ago Systems fanatics underestimate the power of culture. Culture fanatics underestimate the power of systems. Tom Peters retweeted Joseph Logan ‏@josephlogan  4h4 hours ago @tom_peters Leadership fanatics underestimate the power of both—and overestimate the power of the individual. That’s happened befor


Get in the drivers seat.

Whether it's coaching extraordinary leaders, building team power, or speaking in front of entrepreneurs and business leaders, those who cultivate their seed of something extraordinary will change the world. Are you ready to take the wheel?


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