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Uncategorized Archive

Oct 07

Extraordinary by design

Why context matters more than talent

My most recent workshop has a fairly obnoxious title—“Your Org Chart Sucks”. On top of that, the subject seems far more academic than recent talks. It’s possible that I could come off as both antisocial and overly cerebral. It’s worth the risk. The title is obnoxious and the topic is heady, but the subject couldn’t […]


Jul 22

Curiosities of the World Domination Summit

It started with bull semen. Not the World Domination Summit (WDS)—the trip to get there. As the plane from Denver to Portland was boarding, the gent across the aisle from me was on his mobile phone buying and selling bull semen. Loudly. With a great deal of detail. My initial reaction was probably what most […]


Sep 09

Your future has already happened

What people are unwilling to do When I wrote my first book—a guide for first-time job seekers—I learned an important lesson: will and discipline are in short supply. The book is called Seven Simple Steps to Landing Your First Job, and it doesn’t talk about resumes or interviewing skills. It just sets out a simple […]


Aug 18

In the ghetto of the extraordinary misfits

Imagine a city. In its center are gleaming, steel-and-glass towers where financial services, law, and government are the primary occupation. Busy professionals live in high-rise lofts or commute from the suburbs. Cabs honk their horns, and people in suits rush from place to place, their faces serious. It is the nerve center of the city. […]


Get in the drivers seat.

Whether it's coaching extraordinary leaders, building team power, or speaking in front of entrepreneurs and business leaders, those who cultivate their seed of something extraordinary will change the world. Are you ready to take the wheel?


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