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Practically Subversive Archive

May 28

Strong language and strong opinions

When being offended signals a need for change.

We know a thing or two about tempests and teapots here in Boulder. Our local newspaper (and the paucity of awful news it carries) is the envy of towns with rampant crime and terrible tragedies. Today’s top headline: “Boulder cattle get a moo-ve on in push to tame tall oat grass”. In case you think […]


May 08

When once we were just little kids

A simple lesson from a kind, strong woman.

My grandmother passed away on Friday. She was two weeks shy of her 90th birthday. She was the closest exemplar I knew of unconditional love. Slow to judge, quick to forgive, and filled with kindness toward others, my grandmother was an almost impossibly saint-like presence. Tiny and soft-spoken, she was a relentless force of goodwill […]


May 01

The Ethical Use of CEO Power

How Gravity Payments, Salesforce, and American Airlines Became More Powerful

Ever think that CEOs have it rough? No, probably not. Maybe it’s time to consider it, though. Despite the money and power, most CEOs lead from within a cage. It’s those CEOs who exercise that power differently that find a way out of the cage, and that benefits everyone. In early April, Gravity Payments CEO […]


Apr 21

Why “the why” is so hard

...and so worth it.

One of my close friends has ideas. Lots and lots of ideas, in fact. A lot of them are rubbish, but some of them are intriguing. What they don’t have is a common thread. Her ideas have no consistent theme other than being a departure from the same old, same old. That’s a problem. Creating […]


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