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Heretic Thursday Archive

Jun 26

Heretic Thursday: Shubham Banerjee

“Over 200 million people in the world are blind and 90 percent of them are living in developing countries. And, a lot of people can’t afford the costly machines available in the market. So, can’t we do something about the cost?” Banerjee says. If you’re 12-year-old Shubham Banerjee, you start experimenting with Legos and push pins […]


May 29

Heretic Thursday: Flaviano Bianchini

When a large corporation begins mining near remote indigenous villages, who wields the power? Imagine a village in Peru near an open pit mine. The water supply is contaminated at levels over a thousand times greater than international safe standards. The median age of death is half the national average. Most of the population living […]


May 08

Heretic Thursday: Matija Goljar

Ustvarjalnik goes Unreasonable from Matija Goljar on Vimeo. Years ago I had a friend who would start his meetings with a bizarre joke about yodeling. The gist was that he had run a school for yodelers. He said that students would want to yodel on the first day, but he wouldn’t let them. He would […]


Apr 24

Heretic Thursday: Yellow Leaf Hammocks

There’s just something about hammocks and the people who make them. Extraordinary people are sort of my thing. Nothing gets me spun up more than seeing someone who has found an inefficiency or injustice in a system and just won’t quit until it’s replaced with something better. When I see someone who has found a […]


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