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Extraordinary is the idea that we can all become something more.


This is been my favorite word since I was a kid. To me, the word is a promise. It is pure magic on the verge of happening. It is the idea that we can all become something more.

I believe there is the seed of something extraordinary in every person. Most people won’t do anything with it, but those who do will change the world.

I have spent my life chasing the extraordinary. From early childhood, I have marveled at how ordinary people develop extraordinary powers. As a kid, I watched as Peter Parker became Spiderman and Luke Skywalker became a Jedi. As a teenager, I watched Michael Jordan learn to fly, and I watched Steve Jobs put a ding in the universe. As a grown-up (sort of), I have watched as we have turned a government network into a social and mobile ecosystem. I have seen us build electric cars, bring clean water and food to the most impoverished, cure diseases, lengthen life, and generate extraordinary wealth.

We have created a world of possibility. The problem is that “we” didn’t do it. Most of us watched.

That seed sits dormant for most people, but it doesn’t have to be so. Just imagine how fast our world would grow, flourish, heal, and prosper if more people would nurture that seed. Imagine what problems we could solve and opportunities we could create if just a handful more people learned how to transform courage, insight, and tenacity into something extraordinary.

I have been pursuing that notion of something extraordinary my whole life. I see the potential in the leaders I work with, and I see the possibilities in their teams. They have that seed within them. You have it in you.

How will you be extraordinary?

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